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The Dog Dreams Project
was born

  I n the summer of 2001, after having witnessed the
first year of the operations of Ratbone Rescues,
a Rat Terrier rescue organization, founded by my
wife, Caroline, I felt compelled to do something
to benefit the cause. I was saddened and angered
by the unbelievable cruelty and selfish human
greed that perpetuates the need for such
organizations. At the same time, I was in absolute
awe of the people who staff the rescue
organizations. These folks face an overwhelming
number of tasks and responsibilities, daunting
and often-heartbreaking situations, every single
day of their lives.

The Dog Dreams Project was conceived as a vehicle
to help finance the operations of animal rescue
organizations. I had originally planned to do an
album of my own music and donate it as a
fundraiser. Before I got started on the project,
it occurred to me that a compilation of songs by
several artists should appeal to a wider audience.
I went about recruiting artists for the project by
contacting old friends and fellow musicians I had
worked with in the past as well, artists I had met
through my online music experiences. It was a
little rough getting solid commitments at first,
but after a couple of months, the team solidified
and the CD called "Dog Dreams" was born. Several
of the songs on the CD, including "Lonely Dog" by
Kim Brunner, "Dog" by Carl Calvert, "Best Friends"
by Richard Grant and a couple of my own tunes,
were written and recorded especially for the
project. The CD is now available for any animal
rescue organization to buy at cost and then resale
as a fundraiser.

These voluntary rescue organizations are typically
funded by donations and whatever they can do to
raise funds. The rescued dogs always need some
medical attention. At the very least, there is
nearly always the expense of spay/neuter and shots.
But some have serious problems that require
expensive medical treatment. Also, there's the
logistics involved in getting them to their new
homes, if and when they are finally adopted. The
expenses for that and of fostering, during the
time between rescue and an adoption, are typically
absorbed by the members of the rescue organizations,
who of course work without a single penny in
compensation. It's unbelievable, the lengths these
people go to in order to save homeless, abandoned
and abused dogs. And dogs from "kill shelters" and
humane society facilities where they would
otherwise be put to death after a short time to
make room for still more animals coming in the
doors daily. And then there are the puppy mills,
another long, sad story.

The talented artists who participated
in this project have donated their time
and talent to provide the musical
content for our fundraiser CD. It is
the hope of these artists that many
dogs of all breeds and animals of all
types will benefit from these works.

You can help save lives by simply
spreading the word about the
Dog Dreams CD.

Thanks for your support.

Stephen R. Wood

Thank you Sir Alfred!

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  How and why
The Dog Dreams Project
was born
How and why
The Dog Dreams Project
was born


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